Help: LogIn

In General

This is where you login to the system. Before you can enter a request, view reports, or access any other services, you must enter your login information to pass this security checkpoint.

Each individual employee from your company will have a unique login name and password. Passwords should not be shared with anyone, not even with one of our employees. We never need to know your password to provide you with assistance.

Specific Items

Subscriber ID: This is the unique number that identifies your account. On the old system, it was known as your PIN. If you had multiple accounts (and PINs) in the past, you will no longer need all of them. Call Client Services toll free at 877-542-8966 if you are unsure which PIN you should use.

Logon: When creating a logon for a new employee, you will be able to choose any logon name you wish. At the time of your conversion to the new system, all existing users were assigned Logons by combining the first letter of their first name and their full last name. For Example: Robert Smith would initially have a Logon of RSmith. Once you are inside the system, you may change your Logon.

Password: The password is a word, number, or combination of letters and numbers that is known only to one person. You may change your password while you are logged in on the system. If you have forgotten your password, contact Client Services toll free at 877-542-8966. We do not know your password and cannot tell you what it is. However, we can generate a new random password to be delivered directly to you by e-mail.

Submit: Click the "Submit" button after you have entered in all of the required login information.
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