Security. Technology.


 Take your brainstorming from pen markings on napkins to reality.
 We deliver your ideas to reality with experience and quality
 software development. Don't spend your money to hire
 programmers to give you a blank stare or better yet, talk down
 to you.

 We will work intimately with your team and create the best solution
 for the best price. We pledge to provide our customers with the
 highest quality project management, software development, and
 engineering services. We strive to maintain the highest level of
 expertise possible in both current and emerging software
 engineering methodologies and technological advancements. We
 pride ourselves on developing relationships that endure and will not
 dwindle at the end of a delivered service.

How secure is your network?
Let us show you how you can build your defenses.

Scalable, affordable Web Hosting you can depend on utilizing Microsoft technology.

Our Telephony solutions will connect your business to your customers even closer.

 Tenant Tracker, Inc.
 A respected industry leader in residential tenant screening since 1989 offering an array of services and features that solve
 many problems unique to the apartment industry. Today, Tenant Tracker has members nationwide that range from
 independent owners of apartment buildings on up to the largest of management companies.

 Call Insights, Inc.
 Our solutions provide web-interfaced call management, call documentation and call messaging that enable owners,
 managers, and maintenance staffs to manage high call volumes and after-hours calls with superior efficiency and ease.

 Today, Call Insights serve the property management corporations, multi-family properties, health-care related businesses,
 and service industries throughout the United States.

 Call Insights believes in providing more than just an answering service. We have developed a revolutionary answering
 system with unique web integration for documentation, time management and success! With a few simple clicks you can
 listen to all of your messages online, and even listen to recorded conversations between your employees and your
 customers, eliminating any he said, she said issues.

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